Travel Itinerary for Couples

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There’s plenty to inspire passion in Carlton

  • Begin with a sumptuous breakfast & brilliant coffee. What better way to begin a romantic day together? Either at your Vibe Hotel Carlton, or under a shady umbrella at one of the many lively pavement restaurants in Lygon Street. Ah, choices, choices, choices…
  • Hunt for treasure. With appetites sated, for now anyway, take a leisurely stroll around the local bookstores and fine homeware boutiques on the main drag and down its side streets.
    Next, head to…
  • Centre for Contemporary Photography. One of the hottest and hippest photographic galleries in Australia, CCP is run by artist photographers and showcases cutting-edge images from established and emerging talent. It also has a very good gift shop. 404 George Street, Fitzroy.
    Next, stretch your legs with a …
  • Walk & picnic at Carlton Gardens. One of the world’s finest examples of Victorian garden design, the historic Carlton Gardens is a time-honoured place for loved-up couples to rendezvous. You’ll have no trouble finding a special spot under a tree to throw down your picnic rug and enjoy a smooch and a sarnie.

What’s more, the Carlton Gardens contains these two Melbourne treasures:

- The World Heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building. One of the most beautiful buildings in Australia and still in use for exhibitions and shows.
- Melbourne Museum. The second largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere, with outstanding permanent displays, plus world-class touring exhibitions at any given time.

  • La Mama Theatre. The perfect grand finale to a day in Carlton is an evening at this local theatre with the big reputation for staging cutting-edge Australian productions. 205 Faraday Street, Carlton. Book on 03 9347 6142.

But if this style of theatre isn’t you, how about …

  • Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant. This offbeat, award-winning Melbourne institution has entertained over 3 million locals and international visitors since it opened 30 years ago. Dracula’s serves up fetish rock with lashings of comedic weirdness, sideshows, graveyard cocktails, and pretty good food. Never a dull moment and definitely an experience you won’t forget in a hurry! 100 Victoria Street, Carlton. Book on 03 9347 3344

Extras on the side

  • Take the tram into the CBD to explore Southbank, Federation Square, and to shop at Mebourne’s famous arcades and department stores.
  • Melbourne Zoo is just 10 minutes walk from Vibe Hotel Carlton. The Butterfly House is especially romantic.