Travel Itinerary for Couples

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Darwin Adventures for Two

If you two are into sharing adventures and thrilling experiences, you’ve come to the right place. Darwin has heaps of great things to do as a couple – some of them romantic but most are of the adrenalin-pumping variety!

And at the end of an exciting day out, what could be better than wining and dining together at the gorgeous waterfront restaurants near your Vibe Hotel Darwin Waterfront. Perfect.

Darwin’s ‘must do’ activities are big in every way, so give yourselves at least a few days to enjoy them, using Vibe Hotel Darwin Waterfront as your base.

Here goes:

No. 1: Kakadu National Park
This vast and remote wilderness would have to be one of Nature’s greatest creations. Overwhelmingly rich in scenery, wildlife, and Aboriginal culture and spirituality, it is one of only a few very special places that are World Heritage Listed for both natural value and cultural significance. It certainly does not get any more awe-inspiring and romantic than this.
Either grab a rental car and drive yourselves or take a tour from Darwin. You can get a taste of it in one day but more is better.

No. 2: Go Face to Face with Crocodiles
There are several places where you can check out crocs. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it’s hard to beat the Cage of Death at Crocasaurus Cove. The two of you can go together in the cage for this underwater encounter with ginormous saltwater crocs. It must be one of the best bonding experiences in the universe! Crocasaurus Cove Wildlife Park is just a 1.5km walk up the road from Vibe Hotel Darwin Waterfront.

No. 3: Take a Canoe for Two up Katherine Gorge
This will make you feel like you’re starring in an Outback romance movie of your own making. A fantastic thing to do as a couple, with spectacular sights to enjoy as you paddle your way through the 12 majestic gorges that make up this natural wonderland. There’s heaps of wildlife to see, including freshwater crocodiles.If canoeing isn’t your thing, jump on a cruise boat or see the Gorge by plane or helicopter. Magic!

No. 4 Stroll Darwin’s Waterfront
Back in civilisation, you’ll have a very pleasant time exploring this stylish precinct, which has several great attractions, including:

  • The Wave Lagoon & the Recreation Lagoon. Swim in fabulous surroundings all year round, free from box jellyfish.
  • Deckchair Cinema – catch a film while cuddling up under the stars.
  • Stokes Hill Wharf is the place to go for succulent seafood, and to do a spot of fishing yourselves.
  • Mitchell Street pubs and clubs – can’t be beaten for wining and dining at the end of a big day out.