Function Room Capacity

Vibe Hotels offer excellent meeting solutions from boardroom meetings, small meetings, seminars and functions. Unique and stylish meeting alternatives are offered in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and on the Gold Coast so that you can have your meeting how you want, where you want and most importantly, at the price you want.

See table below for function room size and capacity, available at Vibe Hotels:

Locations # Meeting Rooms Capacity* Area m²* Guest Rooms
Vibe Hotel Sydney 5 200 231m²

178 rooms + 13 suites

Vibe Hotel North Sydney 6 240 227m²

129 rooms + 36 suites 

Vibe Hotel Rushcutters 7 120 126m² 230 rooms + 13 suites 
Vibe Savoy Hotel Melbourne 6 130 252m² 157 rooms + 6 suites 
Vibe Hotel Carlton 1 50 63m² 87 rooms
GOLD COAST        
Vibe Hotel Gold Coast 4 100 162m² 199 rooms
Vibe Hotel Darwin Waterfront 4 100 112m² 121 rooms 

*capacity and m² of venues
largest conference room